Kmazing: Most Beautiful K-Pop Girls

In the world of entertainment, Korea has many beautiful women to watch. For those who become the fan of Korean entertainment, I am sure that you know and realize if the Korean women have beautiful face. In this occasion, we will talk about some Kmazing beautiful Korean K-pop girls. You may see the name of it and know some personal life of her.

Are you curious who are they? Please take a sit and read some following writings below.


The first K-pop girl including the most beautiful idol is Nana. With or without makeup, we may see that there is no question about the beauty of Nana. She is South Korean actress, model a singer. For the music group, she becomes the member of After School and the sub-group of Orange Caramel.

She was born on September 14, 1991. So, today, she is 27 years old. Well, the real name of Nana is Im Jin-ah. Although she is active as a Korean idol, she always thinks about her study. In current, she becomes the student of Seoul Institute of the Arts. As the Kmazing idol, she becomes the first rank of the 100 most beautiful face in 2015.


Tyuzu is the second rank of the most beautiful Korea idol that you may like. She is the member of Twice music group and becomes the phenomenal idol in Korea. Actually, she is Taiwanese but finds her career in South Korea.

She is only 19 years old today because this Kmazing idol was born on June 14, 1999. In her personal life, she becomes the popular idol only after 2 months from the debut. Of course, it is a special achievement of the Korean idol.

Well, the two idols as above could be your new favorite Kmazing artist. I am sure that the beauty of her will be the reason why enjoying the Korean entertainment is always interesting.

Description: Kmazing shows that there are many beautiful Korean idols. However, for the two highest rank of the beautiful idol, we have Nana and Tyuzu.

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